Growing a Customer and Partner Ecosystem

Enabling customers and partners to customize and extend functionality to meet their own needs is key to success in the modern economy.

Adding this capability means customers can obtain more value, are less likely to switch providers and require less code to be written by the company providing the services.

Partners can add a rich layer of additional tools, distribution and integration that further enhance value and generate new business. For these reasons, becoming a platform is becoming a key objective for many companies – and doing so creates the opportunity to become a foundational element in strong ecosystem.

In turn APIs are one of the most (if not the most) important building blocks in moves to become a platform since, “Platformization” in this sense means:

  • Exposing key sets of content or transactional capability in a programmable way so customers or third parties can create long running integrations on top of the functionality.
  • Providing support for these integrations and related business engagements.
  • Often helping to promote particular partner integrations to benefit uptake by the customer base.

A platform creates an arena in which others can create value, either directly for themselves (customers, typically) or for others (partners). APIs are the underlying hooks that make the platform come to life.

3scale features for your platform strategy

  • Full stack API security and access control systems
  • Analytics to track success and behavior of partners
  • Customer success support through forums, messaging and automated documentation

“With 3scale, the integration enables us to deliver the best offering to our partners and developers so they can create more compelling applications.”
Frederic Leroy – API director at Viadeo