Drive Internal Innovation

While many of the most visible uses of APIs are publicly visible a perhaps even greater number of companies are beginning to use APIs internally to manage collections of important internal processes.

APIs then allow the company to mesh these processes together in complex ways to deliver products and services in response to demand.

As an organization grows, these systems change, get re-purposed, and, if they are well managed, they can become key assets in delivering ever more innovative services.

Actively defining the nature of the interfaces as APIs to different internal systems, departments, and processes creates an environment that is much readier for change and innovation.

Many organizations, in many sectors, are now taking this path. While in this organizations some APIs may eventually see external use, their primaryinitial purpose is to enable more rapid internal collaboration and innovation. This structural advantage while it is not always visible in terms of revenues, is likely to be significant.

3scale features for your internal API

  • API Traffic never leaves your premises or cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy control systems wherever they are needed
  • Manage who sees which APIs and attribute usage across departments
  • Provide internal documentation and support using a private portal

“3scale helped us scale the administration and tracking of our API program with minimal time and effort on our end.”
Cam Fortin – Director of Business Development of