APIs Create A Solid Foundation For Mobile

Mobile Applications (Apps) are critical to many businesses – reaching customers in new ways and empowering the workforce in the field. But as the number of apps and the diversity of platforms grow, it becomes increasingly complex to provide all the data and transaction capabilities apps need to function.

A further challenge is that mobile application development teams often struggle to ship applications on time when they depend on internal company data:

Data often holds up app rollout for months

Taking an API-centric rather than a channel/product centric (or in this case app-centric) approach to a mobile strategy is a powerful way to get back in control of development. Specifically, APIs are often the unifying layer beneath different mobile applications and enable app development to:

  • Be carried out more quickly
  • Ensure a more consistent experience across different apps
  • Focus security and access control decisions where they belong
  • Provide the right binding points when working with 3rd party app development firms

3scale features for your mobile strategy

  • API security layer
  • oAuth authentication support
  • Per app and per version analytics
  • App level and user level rate limiting

“3scale gave us control and ownership of our data”
Bart Lorang – CEO of FullContact