Multiply Your Reach

As the Web has moved to a quickly changing mix of mobile, desktop and other devices for consumption, more opportunities have arisen to serve users in different locations. In many cases users consume content or make transactions not on an original content site but instead via aggregated services like Flipboard, Zite, Twitter or Facebook.

All of these changes mean APIs are a crucial channel for companies to reach their audiences whenever and wherever needed. The following examples represent different dimensions of this capability for content distribution:

  • Reaching a variety of hardware devices
  • Syndicating content
  • Putting content in context

API-driven commerce is also crucial because as more retailers pursue this strategy, consumers are likely to expect this capability to be available across many categories.

Companies that offer such solutions early will likely become preferred platforms for many partners with access to large buyer audiences. Such programs offer three levels of functionality, with increasing payoff:

  • Catalog and content sharing
  • API-driven affiliate programs
  • Transaction drivers and micro sites

3scale features for your API-powered distribution strategy

  • Powerful configuration and enforcement of partner rights
  • Partner on-boarding workflows
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Built in billing and payments support

“3scale architecture is so simple and powerful — took us less than 30 minutes to get a reporting capability plugged in that helps our customers show their CIOs ROI.”
Peter Wren-Hilton – CEO of Pingar