Power New Business Models

In some markets, APIs open up the potential for the creation of entirely new businesses or the establishment of new primary channels for others. A new API may even be the only product for a company or one of its divisions.

In these cases the API is the product and companies typically charge directly per unit or usage for access to the API and the functionality it powers.

Companies like Twilio and Sendgrid are great examples of this. They provide a product that is accessible only through the integration of code and have built a loyal following of developers.

For companies like this, the API becomes the center of marketing, sales, operations and monetization – so there is a strong need to have the right tooling in place to turn the API into a solid business in it’s own right

3scale features for your API Business in a Box

  • Security, access control and rate limiting controls
  • Powerful on-boarding tools, portal and support features
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Built in billing and payments support

“I’ve got our api up and running on 3scale…totally painless! Great product.”
Dan Melton – Deputy CTO of Granicus