Manage your API Traffic with 3scale’s Open Source Proxy

Combine the high performance and flexibility of the highly acclaimed NGINX Web Server technology with 3scale’s out-of-the-box API Management solution.

3scale Open Source Proxy for On-Premise or Cloud API Traffic Management

Best-in-class API Management solution for both
On-Premise & Cloud API operations in less than 5 mins

NO blackbox. NO expensive proprietary technology. Just a Free, Open-Source, High Performance API Proxy to manage your API Traffic the way YOU want. On-Premise or in the Cloud.

With the 3scale/NGINX setup you will get:

  • High performance API traffic management.
  • No redirects. No added latency.
  • Easy Mngmt of distributed API architectures.
  • Sandbox Proxy for Quick Setup and Testing (see How To).
  • Out of the box API Access Control, Analytics, Developer portal and Billing/Payments.
  • Access to NGINX Modules and Add-ons.

3scale API Management Solution with NGINX API Proxy

Getting Started in less than 5 minutes:

Setup your Sandbox API Proxy

Step 1: Declare your API back-end
Step 2: Turn ON the sandbox proxy
Step 3: Get a set of sample credentials
Step 4: Get a working request to your API
Step 5: Closing the circle

Setup your NGINX Production Proxy

Step 1: Install the dependencies
Step 2: Compile and install Nginx
Step 3: Download your API proxy configuration from 3scale
Step 4: Start and stop your API proxy

For all the details, here is the << Full Documentation >>