API operations management and DevOps

Manage APIs, traffic, lifecycle and security from a single dashboard

3scale API Management: multiple deployment options


Open source code library or proxy: choose your API Traffic management agent deployment mode.
  3scale API Management solution: Manage your APIs lifecycleAPI Lifecycle
Easily add, maintain, update, and deprecate API products.
  3scale API Management: Manage multiple APIs in a central admin console

n APIs : 1 dashboard

Manage all your APIs from one centralized administration console.

3scale API Management: Key Generation & API Access Control with 3scale: issue and revoke API keys

API Keys

Issue and revoke API access tokens instantly and easily.
  3scale API Management:Support common authentication patterns such as oAuth v1 and oAuth v2


Support common authentication patterns such as oAuth v1 and oAuth v2.
  3scale API Management solution: Configure and set violation alerts

Traffic Monitoring

Configure and set violation alerts. Get alerted when traffic quotas have been reached.

Benefits for your organization

  • A complete easy-to-use API control center
  • Best-in-class API traffic management
  • High performance and QoS
  • Multiple deployment options
  • No disruption of your infrastructure
  • Management APIs and Webhooks available for seamless integration

Technical resources for setup and configuration

are available on the 3scale Support Site