API operations management and DevOps

Granicus API powered by 3scale API Management solution
Dan Melton, Deputy CTO Granicus

I’ve got our API up and running on 3scale… Totally painless! Great product.”

Manage APIs, traffic, lifecycle and security from a single dashboard

3scale API Management: multiple deployment options


Open source code library or proxy: choose your API Traffic management agent deployment mode.
  3scale API Management solution: Manage your APIs lifecycleAPI Lifecycle
Easily add, maintain, update, and deprecate API products.
  3scale API Management: Manage multiple APIs in a central admin console

n APIs : 1 dashboard

Manage all your APIs from one centralized administration console.

3scale API Management: Key Generation & API Access Control with 3scale: issue and revoke API keys

API Keys

Issue and revoke API access tokens instantly and easily.
  3scale API Management:Support common authentication patterns such as oAuth v1 and oAuth v2


Support common authentication patterns such as oAuth v1 and oAuth v2.
  3scale API Management solution: Configure and set violation alerts

Traffic Monitoring

Configure and set violation alerts. Get alerted when traffic quotas have been reached.

Benefits for your organization

  • A complete easy-to-use API control center
  • Best-in-class API traffic management
  • High performance and QoS
  • Multiple deployment options
  • No disruption of your infrastructure
  • Management APIs and Webhooks available for seamless integration

Technical resources for setup and configuration

are available on the 3scale Support Site