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Access Control & Security

Don’t lock it down. Set it free with centralized traffic and policy control.

How do you manage your API? Who gets access? Can you establish and control different levels of access for different types of users? Can you control what different applications can do with it?

Access control is the essential first step to making sure only API calls with valid, successfully authenticated credentials are able to access your API. If you need to, you can also classify different types of users and provide a variety of business services. Application plans can help you control what can be done with your API. And finally, rate limits allow you to manage and control the flow.

3scale’s powerful API access control and traffic management makes it simple to:

  • Authenticate Traffic
  • Restrict by Policy
  • Drop Unwelcome Calls
  • Protect Backend Services
  • Generate Overage Alerts
  • Impose Rate Limits
  • Package your API
  • Create access tiers

When it comes to authentication and security you may need different patterns to issue credentials to your API. We offer you a choice of standard options including:

  • Standard APIKeys
  • Application identifier and key pairs
  • openAuth client tokens (1.0 and 2.0)
  • or combinations of these options

We also offer custom options for more complex needs.

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