Top 10 Blog Posts

Top 10 API Blog Posts 2012

APIs have come more and more to the forefront of tech-thinking in 2012 and the year has seen some great thinking about API trends and the Web more generally. As […]

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API Gold Standard

Building Great APIs (part IV): Great Developer Support

This is part IV in our Golden Rules for Great APIs series and tackles a subject which is very easy to pay lip service too but very difficult to deliver […]

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API Community Survey 2012

The API World is expanding quickly and new challenges are cropping up all the time, so it makes sense to try to capture where things are headed. To that end […]

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The Death of the Web Page

In a post on PandoDaily we talked about Single Page Application Architectures (SPAs) and how APIs, coupled with Javascript would very likely be the major paradigm for Web Applications going […]

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Building Great APIs (part II): Simplicity, Flexibility and TTFHW

Last week’s Building Great APIs post covered two of John Musser and Adam Duvander’s 5 Key Elements of great APIs: providing value and having a business model. In this post […]

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The Case Against API Copyright and the Need for an Interface Commons

On Friday, the EFF issued a request for input on arguing making the case that API Interfaces should not be subject to copyright, following Judge Alsup’s landmark ruling against Oracle. […]

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Building Great APIs: The Gold Standard (I)

Back in July, John Musser wrote a excellent post over at programmableweb on what it takes to build great APIs (also check out his OSCON slides on Slideshare). John boils […]

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API Strategy & Practice Conference organized by 3scale and Kin Lane

API Strategy and Practice – Postponed but back soon

As you likely gathered from our Twitter feed and emails unfortunately this week Mother Nature in the form of Hurricane Sandy reminded us all that the best laid plans sometimes […]

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API Strategy and Practice – A Fantastic Line Up

We’ve been working hard on the API Strategy and Practice Conference since it was announced in August and the response has been overwhelming – fantastic speakers, sponsors and delegates! We’ve […]

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Craigslist, 3taps, Mashery and API Infrastructure

If you’ve followed the legal dispute between Craigslist and first Padmapper, then 3taps over re-use of their data. you may know that things have taken an even deeper twist. Craigslist […]

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