APIs Everywhere in the Cloud

Having worked in the API space for a long time, we’re used to APIs popping up in new places – and cloud computing has long been an obvious driver for […]

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Why API Infrastructure should start at Free

APIs are increasingly becoming core to many Internet Businesses – from mobile to Desktop/Web. From day one at 3scale we’ve always believed that our API Infrastructure should be available for […]

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Reaching 250 APIs

Today is a great milestone for 3scale – reaching 250 customers with APIs managed, that’s a big jump from under 200 earlier this year! The APIs are also highly diverse […]

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Software is eating the world, APIs are Eating Software

Software is Eating the World, APIs are Eating Software

This weekend at the excellent APIDays conference in San Francisco (props to Webshell and Faber Novel for a great event!), we got the chance to think out of the box […]

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Welcome to Planet Distributed

This year’s Gluecon as always was a mix ideas and memes (a great event as always!). Reflecting on the talks and conversations on the flight back, there seemed to be […]

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Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 10.27.01 AM

The Connected Home – App Ecosystem Panel at Connections

One of the great things that happens as a technology advances is seeing the great new uses it can get put to. On yesterday’s panel at Connections Connected Home Event […]

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Kii cloud app challenge

Kii and ChallengePost Team up for $50,000 in Hackathon Prizes

As a developer, getting the most out of your infrastructure is close to your heart and Kii’s APIs are one of the comprehensive out there for Mobile Application Development (check […]

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The API Future

Acquisitions and Investments – Towards a Future of APIs Everywhere

All Change in the API Space! The last 10 days have seen an impressive amount of change in the API space with Mashery and Layer7 both getting acquired, Mulesoft acquiring […]

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Investment Thank You to Investors, Users, Customers and More!

It’s been a big day for us at 3scale with the announcement of our new $4.2 Million investment from Javelin Venture Partners and Costanoa VC! Those that know the company […]

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API Strategy & Practice Conference organized by 3scale and Kin Lane

Five things we learned at Apistrat

We just had two amazing days at API Strategy and Practice in New York with great conversations! A full review coming up – but on the way home we just […]

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