Craigslist, 3taps, Mashery and API Infrastructure

If you’ve followed the legal dispute between Craigslist and first Padmapper, then 3taps over re-use of their data. you may know that things have taken an even deeper twist. Craigslist […]

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API Strategy and Practice – the Best of the Best in One Place

API adoption is exploding and with it the need to get a good handle on how to execute API programs at both a technical and strategic level: which standards to […]

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On APIs and RSS

Twitter once again made news this week with its 1.1 API terms and in particular the decision to drop support for RSS and ATOM. As with previous policy announcements (see […]

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Why API Infrastructure should start at Free

APIs are increasingly becoming core to many Internet Businesses – from mobile to Desktop/Web. From day one at 3scale we’ve always believed that our API Infrastructure should be available for […]

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On Platforms, Twitter and the value of a Contract

Twitter’s new rate limit updates this week have again fueled concern and anger amongst developers (and in some cases even twitter users). The reactions pretty much fall into two categories: […]

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DomainsBot Domain Suggestion API Developer Portal

DomainsBot Launches Domain Suggestion API for Developers

Haven’t you ever wondered how GoDaddy, Tucows, eNom and 1&1 (just to name a few) are enabling you, me, us to find available or for sale domain names? Personally I […]

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Decibel Chooses 3scale SaaS API Management Solution to Distribute Semantic Music Metadata APIs to Broadcasting, Media and Digital Companies

3scale Empowers Decibel to Faster Productize and Distribute its APIs SAN FRANCISCO, CA–July 9, 2012– Decibel, the ‘semantic music metadata company and reportedly the fastest growing European company in the […]

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1000 APIs

Surveying 1000 APIs – Infrastructure and SAAS APIs power new API Growth

One of the dimensions we looked at in our recent 1000 Programmable APIs study was the primary business areas of the APIs in the list – in other words the […]

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1000 APIs

Surveying 1000 APIs – Think APIs are for Startups Only? Think Again!

As the API Ecosystem grows, at 3scale we often asked where growth is fastest and how to characterize certain trends. While this is challenging to do, sites like Programmableweb provides […]

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Celebrating IPv6 Launch Day

To celebrate IPv6 Launch day, as of today all 3scale API Portals and other assets are now also available under IPv6. See more info on why the world needs to […]

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