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The API Owner’s Manual

Best Practices of Successful API Teams

Today’s organizations don’t ask whether to engage in API programs, but how to do so. This ebook aims to answer this question by drawing on best practices from leading practitioners in seven areas key to the success of effective API programs.

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The Platform Vision of API Giants

This collection of short stories describes the API providers that have changed how we think about the industries they serve through building distributed ecosystems of partners and developers and inventing entirely new industries and business models. Their data, content, and other digital assets have become part of the fabric of how we do business and govern in 2015.

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Winning in the API Economy

This book provides an introduction to how software and APIs are radically changing the way organizations do business. It covers the emergence of the API Economy and the key areas of any organization that require APIs from enabling internal innovation, to distribution, partner and customers ecosystems to securing mobile back-end systems.

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White Paper: What is an API?

This paper is meant to help executives and managers understand what APIs are, why they are important, and how API strategy is a key part of the ongoing evolution of technology. While the subject matter is technical, you do not have to be a programmer or software architect to find value in this white paper.

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Customer Success

We’re pleased to share our customers’ stories of achieving greater reach, better relationships with customers and partners, fast and efficient monetization, better internal innovation and more—all with the industry’s best time to value and most scalable solution. From startups to Fortune 100, and in just about any category you can name, here are just a few of their stories.

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User video: Paul Butterworth getting started with 3scale API Management

Getting Started: Securing your API with 3scale

Getting Started: Configuring API Access Policies in 3scale

Tutorial: 3Scale – APIcast, an API Gateway for the Small Business and Startup

If data is the new oil, then interfaces are the new delivery means

CONNECTIONS at CTIA 2013 – Interview with Steve Willmott, 3scale

APIs and Unlocking the Value of Your Data

APIs provide an interface to data that delivers its value.

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Building Hypermedia APIs in JavaScript

Using the fortune.js framework to build link-based and machine-readable APIs.

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Using Donuts and Onions for API Scalability

Scaling an API program requires far more than just a technically functional API.

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API Zen for Developers

Learn the four noble truths of API development.

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APIS for Startups

Build core value by running your business from the inside out.

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