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API Management Accelerates Pingar API Entrance To Market


Established in 2006, Pingar has developed an enterprise search solution tailored for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Pingar’s document analysis solution helps companies discover new value from masses of unstructured data. As Pingar co-founder and CEO Peter Wren-Hilton explains it, “with data in companies growing at 40 per cent per year, searching for the right information is becoming more difficult, time consuming and expensive.” Unstructured data can include documents, webpages, emails, news or any kind of text. With Pingar, companies are able to review massive amounts of data with the touch of a button, rather than having their staff do it by hand.

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Pingar sought an API management provider that understood their business. They were looking for a solution that could help them reduce costs, while delivering the services they needed to have the right API data to optimize partner and customer channels.


  • Rapid growth and scale — In 3 months, Pingar was able to grow its business development and developer channel to 80 mostly enterprise partners and customers
  • Data security while still being able to gather metics to for development planning


As Pingar began to develop more custom APIs, they realized they wanted to be able to release them quickly without the massive time and cost it would be to divert developers from their core business. They wanted a model that would scale to support continued growth, while maintaining the same high level of understanding of their business metrics.

“3scale offered us the most cost-effective solution for Pingar to scale and rapidly distribute our APIs.”

— Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO


Pingar investigated a few different options in search of a cloud solution that would provide rapid integration and speed distribution. They wanted a web-based solution that wouldn’t be tied to a single platform in order to integrate their own security policies. 3scale’s distributed architecture piqued their interest, and after significant research, they decided that it was the right solution to enable them to rapidly expand their partner channel.

3scale stood out for its distributed architecture, rapid integration, painless plug in architecture, international scope and focus on customer service and responsiveness.


Using 3scale’s ‘grow as you go’ SaaS model, with its easy to set up plug in architecture, Pingar grew its business development and developer channel to 80 mostly enterprise partners and customers in three months. Pingar continually enhances the APIs that give access to its core enterprise search technologies. Unique to Pingar are the API based support for creating search apps, identifying addresses and text, mapping text to predefined taxonomies and sanitizing documents.

Pingar is now addressing key verticalizations of its solutions, including the legal, financial services, HR, pharmaceuticals and government. Using the Pingar API, Fuji Xerox has solved the issue of producing metadata for storing documents while scanning them from paper, greatly reducing the time it takes to digitize an office.

“3scale showed us the benefits of its endpoint strengths. They were technically savvy and set it up the way we wanted it to run.”

— Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO