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Uptime Performance For Scribe Customers


Copyblogger Media’s Scribe is a content optimization platform that makes SEO copywriting simple. It analyzes the content of web pages, blog posts, online press releases – you name it! At the click of a button, the Scribe API reports back to tell you how to tweak your content to get more traffic. Designed as a plugin architecture for CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, Scribe is the number one solution for SEO copywriters. A key ingredient of the success of the platform has been in the technical architecture.


From the beginning, API management was a crucial consideration for Scribe’s technical team. They explored numerous options, from building a solution internally, which diverted too much resource to be effective and efficient, to outsourcing to the top players in API management.


  • Unparalleled customer service, providing advice and suggestions and addressing any issues that came up during implementation
  • Architecture enabled rapid integration
  • High scalability ensured that Scribe’s 10,000+ customers could use the Scribe SEO API without latency issues


Scribe’s API is central to its technical design, allowing the company to deploy numerous plugins and modules for different platforms, while centralizing the analysis on its servers through the API. Since the API would be at the core of their product, API management was a crucial consideration for the technical team from the beginning. They knew they would need a solution that met their uptime performance requirements, as any outage would mean significant financial losses and unhappy customers.

“For our business, any outage of our API management can mean huge financial losses and angry customers. 3scale’s support has been both proactive and responsive, and their system is stable for our needs.”

— Sean Jackson, CFO


After reviewing numerous options, from building a solution internally – which diverted too much resource to be effective and efficient – to outsourcing to the top players in API management, Scribe’s development team selected 3scale.

3scale met Scribe’s uptime and the scalability requirements. Its unique plug-in architecture offered rapid integration, simplicity and unparalleled customer service. API management is crucial to the success of Scribe’s business, and according to Sean Jackson, CFO of Copyblogger Media, “3scale’s price, reliability, support and features made them a clear winner. 3scale does what they promise: API management made simple.”


Since its API launch in February 2010, Scribe’s growth was exponential. In just 18 months, its customer base grew from 0 to more than 10,000 customers hitting the API every day. 3scale API Management allowed the new product to scale with confidence.

“From 0 to 10,000 Scribe SEO customers in 18 months, 3scale has scaled well with 100% performance and reliability.”

— Sean Jackson, CFO