Summer of API 2012 Sign Up Now for the Summer of API by 3scale

Summer of API 2012!

Stuck at the office? Scratching an Itch? The side project that won’t go away? – time to roll up the sleeves while everybody else is at the beach and roll the ultimate summer project: a new API!

Your users want an API, your colleagues want an API and now the time has come – get that API up and running and out there and not only will you be able to bask in its awesomeness!

And we’re here to help – cement your hero or heroine status forever with one of our cool special edition “Summer of API” T-shirts if you get your API running with 3scale before the 23rd of September – using our free service or any paid option.

Also if you choose paid get a 10% discount on any plan forever if you have the API ready by the 15th September (non cumulative with other discount)

  • Get your 3scale Free Account here

  • Notify us at that you want to participate and we’ll help out with any questions and support.

In addition, if it’s a public API we’ll also help you promote the API at the end of September. Also check out our useful API resources at to help you on your way.

So – it might not make up for two weeks on the beach, but having your API flying in the fall might compensate just a little!

(and if you’re in the southern hemisphere – tell us, we might be able to manage something special!)