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Content distribution and ecommerce transactions

Extend reach. Increase asset value. Become the platform of choice.

The Web has become an interchangeable mix of mobile, desktop and other devices that consume a multitude of data types. APIs are the ideal channel for organizations who want to reach audiences whenever, wherever and however they choose. From music, video, news and images, to data assets like weather and recipe information, API management allows content owners to syndicate, share and/or monetize their assets in a controlled, scalable way. Creating new channels and driving transactions all through one gateway.

Retailers can also benefit. Consumers have come to expect choice in how they purchase and interact with brands, so providing content and transaction options across devices can be a clear path to brand loyalty. One large retailer has calculated that customers who are mobile, web and walk-in are six times as valuable to them as those who only visit their stores.

Overall, organizations that deliver solid content distribution solutions can become the preferred platform for many partners, providing access to even larger audiences and potential customers.

3scale for Content Distribution

Platform Features
  • Configuration and enforcement of partner rights
  • Onboarding workflows
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Built in monetization support
Business Benefits
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Reduced infrastructure cost & complexity
  • Services reliability
  • New revenue streams
Technology Benefits
  • High volume scalability
  • Track partner sources
  • Dev portal
  • Analytics
  • Authentication
  • Versioning
  • Rate limiting apps and users
  • Partner management

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