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Customer and partner integration

How platform thinking can transform your API and your business

Making it easy for customers and partners to customize and extend a providers data assets and functionality are key to success in the web-enabled world. Customers get more value and are less likely to switch providers once the connection has been made. Partners can build on an API providers assets with rich layers of additional tools, through extended distribution, and integration with their own product or resources. A bonus benefit is that these API integrations mean less product engineering for the provider.

The way to do this – become stickier for your customers and expand reach into partner ecosystems – is to become a platform.

APIs are the most important building block for this transition. By opening key sets of content or transactional capability in programmable ways, APIs allow customers and partners to create long running integrations on top of a providers functionality. Once the integration is made, support for the integration and its related business engagements are made available. The result is an extended arena others can use to create value, either for themselves in the case of customers, or for others in the case of partners. APIs are the foundation for this mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Platform Features
  • Full-stack API security and access control puts all aspects of user management in one place
  • Analytics to track success of programs and behavior patterns
  • Ecosystem success support through forums, messaging and ActiveDocs live documentation
Business Benefits
  • Create new revenue streams and reduce management costs
  • Extend existing platform by offering easier integration and customization
  • Secure and reliable with robust reporting and analytics features
Technology Benefits
  • Clear, centralized policy enforcement and authentication using access tiers
  • Use rate limits or access to specific methods as threshold for upsell
  • Easily created developer portal delivers an excellent user experience

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?