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Internal innovation

Increase organizational agility and flexibility

An increasing number of companies are using APIs internally to manage collections of data and share or improve important internal processes. Organizations use internal APIs to mesh processes together – sometimes in complex ways – to deliver products and services for internal audiences in response to demand or to support future growth.

As an organization grows, systems change and/or get re-purposed. Well managed, they become key assets in delivering more and better services in agile ways. By defining the nature and behavior of APIs with different internal systems, departments, and processes, an increased ability to change and innovate result will result. Many organizations in many sectors are on this path.

Some of these APIs may ultimately be used externally, but their primary purpose is to deliver rapid internal collaboration and innovation. This structural advantage, while not always visible in terms of revenues, can be significant and operationally transformative.

3scale for Internal Innovation

Platform Features
  • API Traffic never leaves premises or cloud infrastructure
  • Control systems can be deployed wherever needed
  • Manage access to and usage of APIs across departments
  • Provide internal documentation and support using a private portal
Business Benefits
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Operational improvements
  • Integrated systems and departments
  • Accelerated projects
  • Enforcement of limits
  • Agility and maintainability
Technology Benefits
  • Clear policy enforcement
  • Security
  • Easier system integration
  • Enforcement of limits

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?