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Mobile enablement

More utility and better experience through back-end APIs

Mobile Applications are everywhere. Reaching customers and the workforce anytime and anywhere is a standard expectation, and often a business requirement. But as the number of apps and the diversity of platforms grow, it becomes increasingly complex to provide all the data and transaction capabilities apps need to function. Multiple operating systems and devices increase reach but also increase management complexity. Data issues can delay a rollout for months when mobile app dev teams depend on internal company data.

Taking an API-centric approach to a mobile strategy is a powerful way to take control of development. Using APIs as the unifying layer beneath different mobile applications makes development go more quickly while providing a consistent experience across apps. Security and access control decisions can be focused in the right areas. This approach also makes working with third party app development firms easier and more productive.

Companies like Twitter, Starbucks as well as organizations like gave achieved great success with this API-centric approach.

3scale for Mobile Enablement

Platform Features
  • API Security layer
  • oAuth authentication support
  • Analytics by app and by version
  • Rate limiting at app and user levels
Business Benefits
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Creates strong customer experience
  • Integrated revenue capture
  • Enforcement of limits/packages to drive upsells
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
Technology Benefits
  • Clear policy enforcement
  • Security
  • Ability to bundle offers into plans
  • Customer sign-up experience
  • Portal for excellent dev experience
  • Monetization
  • Analytics

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?