Future-proof flexibility and scale

3scale is the API infrastructure to build on now, and for the future. We make it easy to manage your APIs for internal or external users. Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs with the platform built with performance, customer control, time-to-value, and growth in mind.

API program tools

Our cloud layer centralizes API program tools including access control, rate limiting, analytics, billing and payments, and developer workflow, so you can manage all aspects of your program from a single interface.
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API traffic control

The unique separation of the cloud management layer and API traffic control provides maximum flexibility. Delivery components that carry your API traffic can be anywhere, and traffic does not need to flow through the 3scale layer.
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Better time-to-value

3scale offers smart, streamlined implementation that eliminates the need for professional services providers. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs, and you can deploy with your existing infrastructure.
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Unmatched flexibility

You choose integration and deployment methods to control access to endpoints and track traffic. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud with no black box required. Multi-departmental utility, flexible security options, and DevOps readiness are foundations of our infrastructure.

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High availability and performance

Our Web scalable architecture provides high availability with uptime guarantees of 99.99%, carrying hundreds of millions of API calls per day. All this with no latency and no round trips between your infrastructure and 3scale.

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Powerful adaptive infrastructure

3scale grows and changes with you, remaining mission critical and cost effective at any scale. Bring on new teams or departments over time and get new APIs online at the industry’s fastest time to value. Whatever your implementation, get up and running with immediate results.

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