Future-proof API Management

3scale is the API infrastructure to build on now, and for the future. We make it easy to manage your APIs for internal or external users. Share, secure, distribute.

Access Control & Rate limits

Control who gets access to your APIs. Implement your corporate business, usage, and governance policies from a simple console. Package APIs in the tiers of service that make sense for your business.


Take advantage of a wide range of authentication patterns and credentials to create the safest interactions for your partners, customers, and users.

API Lifecycle Support

Plan, design, implement, publish, govern, operate, analyze, optimize, and retire your APIs from a one continuous experience. Implement this lifecycle in an open standard devops pipeline.

Developer Portal & ActiveDocs

Foster a community of users with a sophisticated developer portal. Design your own systems for provisioning developers and provide the content and tools they need with a CMS out of the box. Provide interactive documentation to speed developers to productive use.


Monitor and set alerts on traffic flow. Provide partners and developers with reports on their traffic with a user dashboard designed for them.

Monetization Tools

Set up pricing rules. Issue invoices. Collect payments. Integrate with popular payment gateways like Stripe and Braintree.

Self Service Plan



Run a full scale, fully featured API program

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  • Manage up to 3 APIs
  • Up to 5 admins
  • Multiple users per account
  • API and webhooks access

5000 developer accounts

Up to 500,000 API calls/day

Up to 3 APIs, unlimited endpoints



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Enterprise grade flexibility and scalability

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  • Unlimited admins
  • Full SLA
  • Emergency phone support
  • Restricted access capabilities
  • Single sign on
  • Analytics API
  • Higher performance infrastructure

Unlimited developer accounts

From 1 million API calls/day

Unlimited APIs, unlimited endpoints