Good news! We have just opened our Silicon Valley office in Sunnyvale, CA. Our new office will mainly handle partner and client contacts in the USA. We are hosted at the Plug and Play Tech Center, which allows us to get started from day one and focus on business development. Nice office space!

We also just issued a press release. Read here:

Our office address is:

3scale networks, 440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

E-Mail: usoffice AT

If you are around – stop by!

  • Martin,

    Congratulations, and I hope it goes well.

    After you’ve been there awhile, if you can find time, I’d be interested in a post about your experience with the Plug and Play Tech Center. It’s an appealing idea, and I’m curious how well it works in practice.


  • Hi Martin, are there any way to download the PDF in Germany? I get an Error 500

  • Weird that the press release doesn’t work for you HDMI – try and grab it from there. The new office and plug and play have been fantastic so far – Martin should definitely post more on that!