It’s been a hard working couple of weeks at 3scale with a new product in the works and updates to (which went live today – great job guys – service and contract editing hopefully now is much easier than before!). In addition, we’re happy to announce that we’re sponsoring Plugg this year. Plugg does a great job in promoting startups in Europe, so we’re trying to do our bit! We also look forward to meeting people at the event – if you’re going to be there, just email us ( normally does the trick) and it would be great to meet up.

On team news we also have some great new team members on-board – Jose Luis (find him on the team page and on @twitter) in the Biz Dev department and Marta Czycz, who just joined to work on finance and operations. Welcome to the team guys!

The API is also growing apace – with 1139 on right now, quite a few of which are running on 3scale. Looking forward to that number growing and watch out for some cool product announcements coming up shortly :)

  • José Luis

    I am also very happy to be on-board and join this talented-team. The API universe is surging and 3scale has a lot of good stuff to do!! so… let’s get to work!

  • Hi, i can not be found any Ad of you on whats your cash return?



  • We were very happy to have been able to support Plugg – it’s hard to calculate the actual return but it was a good event and we hope the European events get increasingly visibility. We could have gone for banners on blogs instead for similar money, but the money spent here also helps the event happen.

    All the best,