One of the cool things we’ve been able to do over the past few weeks is play around with Google’s App Engine (for Google I/O) and data from the UN Statistics site to create an unofficial API for the UN’s data (you can find it at and hopefully it’s something that will grow and grow.

The API portal uses 3scale’s tools which integrate via our Java plugin to AppEngine and the portal look and feel is done with our new liquid templating system for portals (contact us at to try it out on your own 3scale account). You can find some more info on the project and where it’s going in a podcast conversation with Jon Udell here. There’ll also be a tutorial online shortly for how to launch Java AppEngine APIs.

You can also check out Appspotimage – which uses the Python AppEngine and with a few short lines of code plus our Python plugin creates an API which exposes AppEngine’s native image manipulation features. There’s already a tutorial and source-code available for that over on the Google Code Wiki.

We’d love to hear about other APIs run through App Engine – and expect more tutorials here soon.

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