At the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, the Who’s Who of the API industry met for an open discussion on APIs:

Martin Tantow (3scale), Laura Merling (Alcatel-Lucent),
Sam Ramji and Gregroy Brail (Sonoa Systems)
shared their views, opinions and predictions on the business of APIs.

The discussion, moderated by Mike Maney:

Sam Ramji, Martin Tantow, Laura Merling, and Gregory Brail at SXSW from Ross Turk on Vimeo.

Here are some key insights:

  1. Is it about money, engagement or brand? Is it about B2B or is it about Business to 3rd party developer? An API strategy is key to the success of such a move.
  2. API Providers must pay a lot of attention to the ease of use of API in order to make it easy for developer to wire things altogether – REST and JSON are key for that purpose.
  3. API providers should make sure that managing API is smooth, agile and frictionless to get new customers, partners and developers – Don’t use Fax to send API keys! Use 3scale.

We are finally getting to a “Programmable Web” where we create additional value through integrating existing services accessible via APIS: this year is going to be the explosion of APIs!