Launch, Manage and Grow your API Business with 3scale API Management Solution

3scale is proud to announce a new funding of $800.000 USD in equity and loans from Inveready Seed Capital, a leading Spanish seed stage VC fund and Spanish Public entities such as NEOTEC and CIDEM.

“3scale brings a lightweight and powerful solution to the fast growing market of API and Web Services. Its management team combines commitment and ambition with extensive experience from the Internet and Web Services industry that enabled it to extend in less than 12 months its activity throughout the United States and Europe” said Josep Maria Echarri, CEO of Inveready.

3scale provides a SaaS API Management infrastructure enabling Internet-based companies to secure, control, monitor and monetize the online distribution and usage of their data, content and services.

“Our objective is to serve API providers with a ‘no-brainer’ management infrastructure so that they can implement their API business strategy in record times and focus on creating and expanding a valuable ecosystem of partners and developers instead of spending time and money on creating a services management infrastructure” says Guillaume Balas, CMO of 3scale.

3scale CONNECT is 3scale’s self-service, Plug & Play solution enabling Small and Medium API Providers to benefit from a full-featured API Management infrastructure up and running in minutes.
From today the fully featured solution is available FREE for traffic volumes of up to 50.000 Hits per day, making it ideal to launch and grow new APIs.
The next traffic bracket is up to 1 Million hits per day for $340 per month, and for companies with higher traffic volumes, the solution can handle traffic loads up to 10 Million hits per day out of the box.

3scale ENTERPRISE is 3scale’s high-end solution tailor-made for Enterprises and built on 3scale’s core infrastructure to deliver:

  • Dedicated capacity for high traffic loads
  • Advanced partner management and integration features to create and manage high value business relationships
  • Absolute Control and Scalability to operate an Enterprise API
  • Guaranteed Enterprise-level Support and SLA

“The API space is seeing massive acceleration right now and new investment will allow us to both help more new customers launch and grow their APIs and expand our solution with some great new features we have in the pipeline”, says Steven Willmott, co-founder and CEO of 3scale. “3scale solution gives you great control of your infrastructure out of the box and allows you to focus on the functionality and services you’re actually delivering rather than access management, monitoring and other infrastructure functions.”

SXSW Event: panel on APIs and their importance for Internet-based Businesses

March 16, 2010

At the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, the Who’s Who of the API industry met for an open discussion on APIs:

Martin Tantow (3scale), Laura Merling (Alcatel-Lucent),
Sam Ramji and Gregroy Brail (Sonoa Systems)
shared their views, opinions and predictions on the business of APIs.

The discussion, moderated by Mike Maney:

Sam Ramji, Martin Tantow, Laura Merling, and Gregory Brail at SXSW from Ross Turk on Vimeo.

Here are some key insights:

  1. Is it about money, engagement or brand? Is it about B2B or is it about Business to 3rd party developer? An API strategy is key to the success of such a move.
  2. API Providers must pay a lot of attention to the ease of use of API in order to make it easy for developer to wire things altogether – REST and JSON are key for that purpose.
  3. API providers should make sure that managing API is smooth, agile and frictionless to get new customers, partners and developers – Don’t use Fax to send API keys! Use 3scale.

We are finally getting to a “Programmable Web” where we create additional value through integrating existing services accessible via APIS: this year is going to be the explosion of APIs!

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January 7, 2010, 11.29 is a B2B portal focused on enterprise
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GetApp’s objectives are pretty simple and straightforward:

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