Once you’re set up your API portal you’ll often want it to be part of you existing web site and integrate closely. With 3scale’s portals you can skin them to produce a close fit with your existing site (changing the HTML layout, CSS and all site assets – see the controls under SITE > DESIGN in your portal area), but you can also go one step further and change DNS settings in order to put the portal at an address which merges seemlessly into your site.

To change you DNS settings you need to do two things:

  1. Add a new CNAME or A record to your DNS and point it to 3scale’s servers – http://dns.3scale.net/
  2. Tell your portal account to look for that incoming address by changing the configuration on the SITE >> DNS panel.

Adding a CNAME / A Record

Depending on your DNS provider this may work a little differently but using GoDaddy as an example the following steps allow you to add the reference to the new portal:

  • Log into GoDaddy
  • Open the “Domains” tab and select “My Domain Names”.
  • Click the domain that you want to redirect from.
  • Click the option “Total DNS Control And MX Records”.
  • Click “Add New CNAME Record” at the top right of the box labeled CNAMES (aliases).
  • For the “Name” item, enter only the sub-domain of the address you want to use. For example, if you are redirecting from www.mydomain.com and want to redirect “developers.mydomain.com” to 3scale then just add “developers” here.
  • For the “Host Name” name field enter “dns.3scale.net” to direct to our servers. Specify a TTL of 1 hour.
  • >Click OK.
  • This completes the redirect and you can log out of GoDaddy. Propagation of the DNS setting may take up to 24hrs, however it’s often operational in 15-30 minutes. If the domain isn’t available after 24hrs contact support for help.

With this control you can allocate a subdomain such as http://developers.mysite.com or a full domain http://www.mynewapi.com/

3scale configuration

Once you’ve changed the ou need to set up your 3scale account to accept traffic from the sub-domain. To do this login to your 3scale account and go to the account area to change settings as described at the beginning: click on the Section SITE and then DNS.

3scale API Developer Portal DNS Setup

Once you are done you should be able to use your browser to access the chosen domain and view the portal content.