At 3scale, we have been claiming for quite a long time now that APIs are the Glue of Cloud Computing and that they have the power to Unlock your Digital Content and enable you to expand beyond your website.

But what is the point of opening up a brand new powerful distribution channel if you can’t control, manage and monetize it EASILY and COST-EFFECTIVELY ?

This is why we have decided to drastically lower the barriers to access to 3scale CONNECT, our self-service, Plug & Play solution enabling Startups and SMBs API Providers to benefit from a full-featured API Management infrastructure up and running in minutes.

For that purpose we released yesterday new pricing plans, from FREE to $1125 per month, for different ranges of usage up to 10 Million API calls per day.

Additionally, the V2.0 of the 3scale API along with a new backend is being released today. It includes a bunch of fantastic new features that you can check out here.

We are confident that these improvements (+more to come!) will be steering a true democratization of APIs and will enable API Providers to faster open their API up and to expand their business beyond their website!

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