Companies are everyday confronted to the challenge of managing large amounts of information and are struggling to solve that headache.

To illustrate that situation here are some quick facts on the cost of searching for data:

  • The cost to enterprises of not finding data is approximately $5.3 million USD per year for every 1,000 knowledge workers employed.
  • Half of searches don’t find the answer the person is looking for.
  • Employees may lose up to 25% of their productive time searching for information.

“With data in companies growing at 40 per cent per year, searching for the right information is becoming more difficult, time consuming and expensive,” says Pingar‘s co-founder and CEO, Peter Wren-Hilton.

Established in 2006, Pingar has developed an enterprise search solution tailored for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Pingar’s document analysis solution helps companies discover new value from masses of unstructured data.

Unstructured data can include: documents, web-pages, emails, news or any kind of text. Companies will be able to review massive amounts of data with the touch of a button, rather than having the staff do it by hand.

Pingar’s solution dramatically simplifies the management of unstructured documents – helping businesses transform that data into an advantage.

Today, Pingar launched a new API that will be available free to software developers for a limited “development” period, to enable developers to work with Pingar’s tools to build specific solutions for their clients.

The API has three aspects:

  • Rapid Discovery, which can be added to existing search engines for rapid query refinement and results assessment;
  • Entity Extraction, a suite of cutting-edge tools that turn documents into useful lists of entities including people’s names, telephone numbers, credit card numbers and organisations; and
  • Content Analysis, which can provides precision key-word extraction and one-click document summarization and sanitisation.

3scale is proud to power PIngar’s API and happy to welcome one of the CIO Magazine’s Top 10 global ‘Rising Stars’ for 2011 among its customers! Congratulations for that new achievement and all the best !!

For more information please go to or check the official press release: Introducing Pingar’s API at Sydney SPC – Press Release

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3scale is part of the Gartner’s “Cool Vendors” list released in the March 2010 “Cool Vendors in Cloud Management, 2010” report by Gartner, Inc.