3scale is proud to announce that Company Data Trees has publicly released their first two content analysis APIs (powered by 3scale) for Business to Business marketers. Both APIs are RESTful/JSON:

Company Data Tree’s Developer Portal:

Company Data Trees Mobile API

The Mobile API reports whether a URL shows a mobile-formatted website and Adobe Flash across 10 different mobile devices. It is used by ad networks to check for mobile inventory across their publisher networks. Marketing technology companies also use it to calculate the likelihood their prospects will purchase related mobile advertising services.

Company Data Parked Domain API

The Parked Domain API detects if a given domain is parked. B2B data companies use it to purge dead businesses from marketing lists. Search engines and content analysis companies use it to remove unwanted web content from their databases.

The data from the mobile API has been featured in the Union Tribune, Business Week, DigiDay, Mobile Commerce Daily, MediaPost, and eMarketer. It was used in a November 2011 research study to calculate the Supply & Demand of the Mobile Web.

Full documentation and end-to-end code examples are available at api.companydatatrees.com