PeekYou a leading search technology company that re-indexes the public web around people, and 3scale, a leading SaaS API Management infrastructure are pleased to announce the launch of its PeekYou Social Analytics API. The technology behind the API identifies and maps an individuals’ digital footprint, then structures, categorizes and analyzes the public content for PeekYou’s social listening and analytics partners such as market leader Radian6.

The PeekYou API works in the following way:

  1. Query the API using a social URL.
  2. PeekYou searches the social web and match public information for the individual associated with that social URL in real time.
  3. PeekYou then indexes, standardizes, and categorizes the public content of their digital footprint.
  4. PeekYou analyzes the data and provide key insights such as an interest graph and social value.
  5. PeekYou returns the data to your platform or application by individual or aggregate.

At the core of PeekYou’s enterprise search technology is our data matching algorithm that allows us to search and consolidate linked and disparate public data.*

*PeekYou Indexes only public web content

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The PeekYou API’s output includes geo-demographics, social insights, spam filtering, and specialized scores that measure an individual’s social reach. The API is aimed at complimenting data services like Gnip or DataSift and helps companies measure, plan and track their social marketing strategies.

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