Seevl provides new ways to explore the cultural and musical universe of your favorite artists and to discover new ones by understanding how they are connected. In addition, Seevl lets you comment every piece of data about them. If you’re a developer, Seevl’s developer zone provides you means to access its music data and build apps that rock !

Seevl – when the website is the API

Seevl wants people to use seevl data to create new applications and data mash-ups. Yet, as opposed to most websites, Seevl does not provide a separate API to let developers access their data. Seevl relies on Content-negotiation principles to deliver alternative and machine-readable representations of this data from its webpages.

In other words, this means that the website is the API and that you can get JSON for almost every page of the site. Indeed, instead of requesting the HTML version of a page about, e.g., the Ramones, you can just ask for JSON and directly integrate the results in your mash-ups.

Yet, in order to obtain a key to access this data, you have to register to Seevl’s dev zone, provided by 3scale, that manages the rate-limit and quotas for your app.

How to use Seevl’s API

To retrieve data, you have to pass three parameters in your headers:

– Accept – The content-type you require
– X_APP_ID – Your application ID
– X_APP_KEY – Your application Key

For instance, to get search results for “beatles” using curl, use the following code:

marvin:~ alex$ curl -H “Accept:
application/json” -H “X_APP_ID: 1c55b80a” -H

and you’ll get a JSON document listing all bands with “beatles” in their name.


marvin:~ alex$ curl -H “Accept:
application/json” -H “X_APP_ID: 1c55b80a” -H

to get a list of facts about the beatles (genre, labels, members, etc.)

We hope that the Seevl API will be used for data visualisation and browsing mash-ups, as well as plug-ins for existing mp3 and stream player.