3scale is proud to announce the launch of the Beta version of the WebKnox API !

The WebKnox API provides natural language processing capabilities such as language detection, text classification, content extraction, extraction of factual contents from web pages, named entity recognition, singularization/pluralization of words , and more.

WebKnox itself is an automated knowledge base creator. This knowledge base can also be queried using the WebKnox API providing you with factual information about many different entity types such as People (Celebrities, Politicians…), Products (Mobile Phones, Camcorders…), Movies, Bands and many more.

WebKnox aggregates multiple question answering sites and is a meta question answering engine. You can query WebKnox with any question which will then be tried to answer using multiple resources and the knowledge base itself.

Do you have textual data of unkown language? Do you have large amounts of unstructured data from which you need to extract entities and facts? Do you need data about popular concepts such as movies, cars, or cities? If you have these or similar needs, WebKnox is happy to provide you with custom solutions apart from already available API functionalities.

Some of the API’s capabilities can be interactively tested at http://webknox.com/wi

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback and comments to feedback@webknox.com