SentiRate is a service that allows you to “Capture the emotion” hidden within emails, documents, or any other digital content you have. At the heart of SentiRate is our Sentiment processing engine that Rates the emotions and attitudes within your content.

Example uses of SentiRate include:

  • In an organisation that receives a lot of correspondence from their customers each day, SentiRate can identify which items may be problematic so you can prioritize these;
  • In an organisation that sends a lot of correspondence to their customers each day, SentiRate can ensure your messages are always positive.
  • Automatically publish positive comments on your blog and enforce manual moderation for negative comments.
  • Embed it into your own application or use it stand alone from our website.
  • The uses are practically unlimited…

This Software As A Service (SAAS) is accessed via the API (Application Programming Interface) with different plans, rates etc. available at . The API management is all handled via 3scale, although our customers only deal with trusted URLs and branding.

Other than 3scale, services utilized in the offering include Rack Space, Memcached and WordPress.

SentiRate was released as a beta product in 2011, with a steady flow of new features and enhancements coming out.

Why not give it a try now!