SFNewTech’s Bring on the APIs event on Wednesday was truly awesome (props to Myles and the team) – not only because of the usual great SFNewTech vibe but also because pulled together a number of companies (both on-stage and in the Audience) that together genuinely showed how powerful APIs can be.

The big event was the launch of Viadeo’s new API (http://dev.viadeo.com) which allows developers to pull data from the their 35M strong Business Social network (check out their cool developer contest), but on stage you also had Gigya, Context.IO, SimplyHired, Klout and Salesforce + in the audience plenty more APIs with a social flavour (PeekYou for example has an awesome people metrics API).

Whether by design or by chance, the “social” theme really rang through. The demos which impressed most were Viadeo and SimplyHired’s integrations of each other’s APIs:

  • You can now pull Viadeo information in SimplyHired when you’re searching for positions – telling you who you know that might help you get that job or tell you more about it.
  • Viadeo in turn pulls in SimplyHired results to their Jobs section.

We now take this kind of integration for granted – and it’s a huge value add that profiles on business social networks can suddenly show up in CRM tools, Job search and other places. This feels like the web “should be” – social networks providing the place not only to curate information about your profile, manage connections, but also as a means to push / pull information to the right context.

Klout’s demos of klout score integration were also awesome – showing how aggregate data can be pulled back to those very same types of sources and add value.

Another 3scale powered API in the space is FullContact‘s contact API which gives you great complete data about anybody with an Email address, plus there are others like UberVu and the newly launched YackTrack API. All more great data for the mixer!

Of course there are other social APIs liked LinkedIn’s, Xing’s and Facebook’s to name just a few, but now there’s clearly momentum behind these systems playing nicely with each other.

Check out Viadeo’s App contest to win some cool prizes using some of this data -Just 5 weeks to go!