Deliver your API over Global Content Distribution Networks for blazing fast access by your users

We’re excited that we can talk about one of the newest innovations we’ve been cooking up here at 3scale: API delivery over professional global CDNs powered by Akamai and CDNetworks. This means that with 3scale you can now:

  • Connect your API to a professional grade CDN at blazing fast speeds.
  • Serve content into the CDN’s caches using standard caching controls.
  • Have your customers access that content directly from CDN edge nodes without the need for calls back to your origin servers.
  • Manage your API Channel with tools similar to those you’re already using for your Web Site.

This speeds up delivery to your users, offloads traffic from your origin servers for scalability. Both GET and POST requests can be controlled within the CDN and 3scale’s powerful management tools allow you to keep full control of API Access, keys, rate limits, analytics across the whole delivery platform.

How it works: methods calls to the API can be cached within the CDN using standard caching controls on a push or pull basis. Keys for API access with detailed usage policies can be controlled from within the 3scale control system as well as auto-generated via the API Developer portal. Apps access to the API via the CDN edge nodes that make calls directly to the 3scale control nodes in order to enforce policies without needing to communicate with the origin.

During the next few months we’ll be adding new trial users free of charge to the infrastructure, with free usage for 12 months and only bandwidth cost after that.

That’s Free global API acceleration for 12 months! So contact us at to join the program!

Current support is for Akamai and CDNetworks CDNs but we plan to add more over time.

About 3scale
3scale provides a Cloud based API management platform for developers, startups, SMBs and enterprises to securely open, control, manage and monetize their API to 3rd parties (e.g. developers, business partners, etc).

3scale API management platform is Plug and Play, configurable, flexible and scalable. 3scale unique suite of APIs (Traffic Management, User Management, Analytics and Billing) brings API providers an unparalleled level of ownership, control and configuration.

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