We are looking forward to a great 2012 and to get it kicked off in the right way we have some neat new enhancements to the enterprise product to announce. In this release you will find:

  • better control over Email Workflow with the new ability to customize all message content
  • it is easy to obtain PCI compliance if you charge for your API, because security for handling credit card data has been boosted.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new features and we would love to hear your feedback at support@3scale.net.

Email Templates

Every single email notification to both your developers as well as your admin users can now be customized to suit your unique workflow and desires. The Emails tab lists all potential emails, but many of them may not be used, depending on how your workflow is configured:

Not only can you customize the message body, but also the most important address fields and metadata elements:

Change to Credit Card handling

If you use the automated 3scale billing module, you will soon see a change in the way in which credit card data is handled. In future all requests for users to submit credit card data will be redirected and handled directly by the interface belonging to your chosen payment gateway partner.

This will guarantee that no credit card data is stored in, or passes through any of your systems nor 3scale’s, and will boost the security of the billing system. Because of this it becomes a very simple process to claim your PCI compliance certification, and so avoid paying any surchages that your gateway provider may bill you for lack of compliance. If you would like our quick step guide to PCI compliance, please contact support@3scale.net.