This weekend we had the pleasure of sponsoring the second Cleanwebhack in New York. The final showcase there were 15 great apps shown, with Econify taking home the grand prize, Econify won the Audience Award and NYCBuildings taking home the 3scale prize for the best use of energy pricing data – congrats!

Here is a full list of the demo apps:

  • Movable Feast: for making guacamole on stage in real time, with realtime energy use notifications.
  • Audit Trigger: quick feedback on whether your building might need an energy audit – built on energyscoregards.
  • CleanGPA: trying to conquer energy apathy through healthy competition:
  • NYC Municipal Building Face-Off: 2 million sq feet of building space – visualising energy efficient and inefficient buildings
  • WattQuiz: the energy equivalent of for energy markets in order to educate user on energy related questions using the Genability API.
  • Automatic Wireless Thermostat: using android geo-fencing to control your home thermostat.
  • Econify; comparison shopping for energy efficiency, including the calculation of the payback timeline per appliances.
  • Watt: assigning a number to every individual and zip codes.
  • GreenCarrot: help improve energy awareness using social techniques based on tendril and facebook, including notifications and to-do tasks,
  • 1v99: highlights the differences in income and consumption between the wealthiest 1% and the 99%.
  • Mosaic: trying to make solar social – visualizing solar energy conversations and crowdfunding for solar projects.
  • Solar List: provides price calculation for solar intallations.
  • SoBi – TripWatcher: weightwatchers for transportation.
  • Tendril Remote Control: switching in house appliances based on distance from home.
  • eMotivator: comparative data for energy usage between friends.

Congrats to all the apps. Ideas create hacks, hacks create solution – roll on clean tech hacks!