Commercial API From Samepoint Provides Simpler Social Media Monitoring Tools for Developers and Marketers to Monitor Any Term in the Social Universe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – Jan 24, 2012) – Samepoint and 3scale, the innovative provider of plug and play Cloud API management infrastructure, today announced the launch of a new Application Programming Interface (API) that delivers a simpler way for developers to create social media monitoring tools.

Samepoint chose 3scale’s API Management platform to open, launch and monetize this new commercial API for social media monitoring tools. “3scale delivered the easiest, most flexible solution for API key provisioning and ease of integration,” said Darren Culbreath, Samepoint CTO. “3scale’s terrific customer service and plug and play platform makes it simple for us to control access, authenticate users, rate limit usage and capture business intelligence.”

The new Samepoint API is dubbed the “Anti-Hose” approach to social media monitoring. While many data services provide a hose of information, this leaves the responsibility to save and search data on the developer’s side. With its advanced search functions, the Samepoint API adds a new element in creating monitoring tools. For more information about how it works and to get the demo, please visit

“Innovative customers like Samepoint tell us it’s essential for them to have the freedom to keep ownership of their API, and to easily configure and operate their API Business,” says Guillaume Balas, 3scale CMO. “3scale’s plug and play architecture, its APIs for APIs, help customers leverage 3scale tools to drive cost down while building up innovative product features such as this innovative social media monitoring software by Samepoint.”

3scale Enterprise-grade API management infrastructure platform includes the following:

  • Developer and Partner Portal
  • Access and User Management
  • Traffic & Policies Management
  • Billing & Payment
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Total Scalability: Unlimited Traffic on your API
  • Premium SLA with Guaranteed Uptime
  • Premium Customer Support – 24/7 for Emergencies
  • High Availability Infrastructure with 24/7 Monitoring and Automatic Failover
  • Developer outreach

3scale works closely with customer tech and business teams in order to provide the best solution adapted to their needs. 3scale helps customers maximize the impact and reach of their API among developers and potential business partners. For more information about 3scale, please visit