The SF Music Hack day just wrapped up with over 60 demos – some pretty amazing apps demoed and prizes given. See all the hacks – everything from cover art hacks to audio synthesis and playlist creation.

Some of our favorite apps were:

  • SiftOSC: which used Sift RoboCubes to control sounds in wierd and wonderful ways.
  • Paul v’s BillBoard: which pits EchoNest Meta Data against Billboard Magazine on Grammie predictions – go Paul!
  • Audible Harvest: The demo timed out the idea was cool – pulling
  • SongRoulette: Chatroulette for songs – powered by Spotify
  • KloutRock: a spotify app which helps you follow your most influencial music heros.
  • SideTrack: a cool mashup of input, lyrics and randomness to pop new songs.
  • SeatTrip: integrating Seevl, Email and Seatwave for tickets as you travel.

Congrats to Sidetrack won the 3scale GoPro Prize!! Props to all the organisers and the hosts TokBox – a great couple of days!