Steven Willmott, co-founder and CEO of 3scale on the Infosecurity Cloud API Security Panel


The cloud and mobile are changing our societies in phenomenal ways. The increased usage of smartphones, tablets, and cloud computing is presenting organizations with new business opportunities and challenges. Companies worldwide in every industry are finding that they can expose new and existing data as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to open up new markets and penetrate deeper into existing ones. By exposing info as machine-consumable APIs, organizations are transforming themselves into platforms that third-parties can build rich, mobile applications on top of. By implementing these APIs using cloud computing technologies, innovators are able to expose data in ways that scale elastically as the need arises. The multitenant, self-service nature of the cloud also allows data to be made available to smartphones and tablets with less investment and development.

Securing Cloud APIs is an absolute necessity. Figuring out the best way to do so can be difficult though. To shorten the learning curve, to understand how Cloud APIs are different from SOA and Web 2.0, and to learn how to securely launch and run a Cloud API, this expert panel will provide you with advice, knowledge, and recommended best practices. These will help you quickly take advantage of the new possibilities while simultaneously managing the associated risks.


  • David Terrar, Director of EuroCloud UK as Moderator
  • Per Hägerö, CTO, Technology Nexus as Panelist
  • Andreas Krohn, API Evangelist & blogger, Dopter as Panelist
  • Travis Spencer, Sr. Technical Architect, Ping Identity as Panelist
  • Steven Willmott, CEO, 3scale as Panelist