With 3scale New Infrastructure Open, Distribute and Manage APIs in Just Three Easy Steps

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- (May 7, 2012) – 3scale (www.3scale.net), one of the leading players in the API infrastructure market, today announced their new free self-service API management infrastructure platform. The platform removes many of today’s barriers to launch and operate web APIs — enabling any company to provide access to their APIs whilst staying in full control of data volumes, audience and usage.

Web APIs are fast becoming key to many web businesses as companies seek to open their data and services to others for integration, to power mobile applications and enable powerful ecosystems around their products. “3scale mission is to make it fast and easy for everybody on the web to distribute and operate APIs — something we see as the underpinnings of where the Web is going,” says Steven Willmott — co-founder and CEO of the company. “To date, API Management solutions have been expensive and inaccessible for general use — but as APIs become more critical we wanted to make sure best of breed solution was available to everybody.”

3scale API Management infrastructure provides companies and developers out-of-the-box API Key Management, Access Control, Rate Limiting, Analytics, Developer Portal, Tools and Monetization.
The new platform updates much of 3scale’s existing infrastructure and as well as adding key new features such as:

    • Your developer portal at developer.yourdomain.com driven with a fully-fledged CMS which provides full control over branding, content and developer signup workflows.


    • Powerful Interactive “Active Docs” API documentation based on the Swagger Framework which allows developers to explore APIs live from documentation web pages.


  • An easy to install open-source and on-premise API Traffic manager based on the Varnish proxy that enforces API traffic rules and integrates seamlessly with 3scale’s infrastructure.

The new 3scale Free platform is available up to 50,000 API transactions per day and can scale as your API grows up to 100’s of Million of calls per day with the Enterprise offering including enterprise grade SLAs, support and additional features and tools.

3scale powers 100+ APIs and has over 60,000 developers writing applications using these APIs. Current 3scale customers) and new APIs launching about to launch are already taking advantage the new 3scale API Management platform.

“The new platform brings together the best solutions in a single API Management platform that enables almost anybody to distribute an API — with as few barriers to entry as possible and scalability all the way up to enterprise grade high volume APIs,” says Guillaume Balas, CMO at 3scale. “Providing these tools for free will means more companies and individuals can open APIs and in turn help power the API economy as it grows.”

Access to the new platform is via instant signup at www.3scale.net

About 3scale:
3scale is one of the world’s leading cloud-based API infrastructure providers and enables developers, and enterprises to securely open, control, manage and monetize their APIs. 3scale unique suite of infrastructure services brings API providers unprecedented control, visibility on API activity and peace of mind.
For more information www.3scale.net or contact sales@3scale.net