API Strategy & PracticeAs we’ve been gearing up for API Strategy and Practice on the new dates (21-22nd February) we’ve had more and more suggestions for great talks and content we couldn’t accomodate – the program will be intense and Jam packed.

So we colluded with Kin over at Api Evangelist to brainstorm up a solution. So in true open fashion we hit upon something which seemed right – the 429 Stage: an extra open stage at which everybody can grab the mic. Read the details over at API Start and (shortly on API Evangelist) but essentially we’re adding an extra room of networking/chillout space along with a small 20 seat presentation area that can be used by anybody.

A sign-up form for talk proposals will be up in a day or two!

There are still sponsorship opportunities (including for the networking area and stage!) – we’d love to get more support so we can make the event as amazing as possible for everybody. Email Vanessa at vanessa@3scale.net if you’re interested. We’re already almost at capacity for the event of 300 so it’s a great audience and support is very much appreciated!