The 21st and 22nd of February 2013 was the first edition of the API Strategy & Practice conference in NYC.

Created and organized by Kin Lane (@kinlane) and 3scale (@3scale), the conference has been an incredible adventure with a fantastic outcome, beyond expectations!

  • 370 Attendees
  • 75+ Speakers: Laura Merling (@magicmerl), Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel), John Musser(@johnmusser), Daniel Jacobson(@daniel_jacobson), Peter Orlowsky (@porlowsky), John Sheehan (@johnsheehan), Albert Wenger (@albertwenger) and many more!!
  • 25+ Sponsors: Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Swagger, Nginx, Mashape, Ping Identity…

We are looking forward to the next API Strategy conference!! As soon as we have more details on the where, when, and who we will keep you posted.

Many asked for the presentation slides. Here they are available as per the schedule of the sessions of the API Strategy conference: Sessions

If you have time, definitely read this informative article,“Why your API is your strategy” by Steven Willmott. We’ll also add links to the videos in the same place shortly. A full run down of the presentations:

Day 1

Keynote:  Laura Merling (@magicmerl), VP Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T (Slides)

Track 1 – Music

Track 2 – Social

Track 3 – API Design & Creation

Track 1 – Media

Track 2 – Commerce

Track 3 – Automation

Track 1 – Travel

Track 2 – Payments

Track 3 – Security & Scalability

Keynote: Steve Klabnik(@steveklabnik) on “Why Open?” (Slides)

Day 2

Keynote: John Musser(@johnmusser), Founder ProgrammableWeb (Slides)

Keynote: Daniel Jacobson(@daniel_jacobson), Director of API Engineering Netflix (Slides)

Track 1 – Mobile

Track 3 – API Marketing and Promotion

Track 1 – Enterprise

Track 2 – Government

Track 3 – API Lifecycle, Methodology and Architecture

Keynote: John Sheehan (@johnsheehan)Runscope (Slides)

Keynote: Sanjiva Weerawarana (@sanjiva) (Slides)

Keynote: Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist at the GSA (Slides)