Our APIs give us the opportunity to share our cutting-edge technology with developers to benefit from our vast understanding of the web.

Nathaniel Zenou SimilarWeInterview with Nathaniel Zenou, VP Business Development for SimilarGroup. Nathaniel has an extensive experience in the internet industry, where he held various senior position in marketing and business development roles for internet startups, SaaS solution providers and ad networks in the US and Israel.

Tell us more about SimilarWeb
SimilarWeb is a web measurement and analysis tool to discover traffic activity and ranking insights for any website. SimilarWeb unveils the story behind every website on the internet with a system that delivers insights to help inform competitive analysis and identify growth opportunities online. The technology created to produce this means we have a wide range of APIs based on our knowledge about every website.

What API(s) does SimilarWeb offer today?
SimilarWeb offers two types of APIs:
1. Site content APIs that deliver information about various aspects of any website including its category, tags, similar sites and possibly adult classification.
2. Web measurement APIs that deliver data on the ranking of a website such as global ranking, country ranking and category ranking.

When did SimilarWeb realized that it needed an API?
Our wealth of data and web understanding put us in a position where we can offer a great range of APIs. With millions of website visitors and plugin, we are able to gain insights to have a better understanding of the web. We created our APIs to give developers the ability to use those insights to enhance their sites or mobile apps.

What recommendations and tips would you give to a company planning to launch an API?
1. It is really important to research the market to find out if there are similar APIs you’re competing against or if there’s an existing demand for a brand new API.
2. Offering APIs to the developer community, in addition to your main product, requires full operational attention. Using a platform that makes it easy for API providers to interact with developers in order to test, purchase and use your APIs is crucial.
3. Remember that your API target audience is the developers’ community, making it crucial to communicate the value, purpose and benefits of your technology in a clear and straightforward fashion.

Why and how are you using 3scale API Management Platform today?
3scale offers us a great, consolidated platform to manage the entire cycle from lead generation to sales all in one simple solution. The platform is purpose-built to help developers with all their requirements such as a personal dashboard, documentation, interactive console, FAQs, and more. Being busy running other operations within our company, I find it very helpful to offer most of our API solution in a standalone self-service platform.

What benefits have you seen/are you expecting from your API program?
SimilarSites and SimilarWeb are big internet brands with millions users every month and different revenue streams. We’re expecting our API program to help us manage a large portfolio of clients efficiently, distribute our brand and technology and help us help users measure the web efficiently.

What is your vision for your API?
We want to be able to help any developer that needs to enrich their product with intelligence about any website. We will be coming out with new, enhanced APIs in the close future, so stay tuned!

SimilarWeb API powered by 3scale API Management solutionSimilarGroup is a global leader in finding and interpreting online information with simple technology for Internet users to experience the very best that the web has to offer.