API technologies were chosen to make the development speedy, the product stable, and provide vast opportunities for end user.

Oleg Cherevaty MagneticOne API2CartInterview with Oleg Cherevaty ­ Commercial Director at MagneticOne. Oleg joined the company in 2004 as web designer. He contributed greatly in creation of site content and graphic interface of MagneticOne projects. Due to rapid professional growth Oleg now holds the position of Commercial Director, making management decisions on work optimization and monitoring goals achievement.

Tell us more about the development process of the API2Cart API
The project has been in development for nearly a year already. The API was developed on the basis of Zend framework and with the use of our own API2Cart framework. Also, the development process used advanced science and technology findings such as PC :)

What are the key components of your core API infrastructure?
Key component of API is work with store entities ­ products, customers, categories and orders, and also providing clients with unified format of data, regardless shopping cart type.

What drove your choices in terms of technology and infrastructure?
The major driving force was to get maximum profit with minimum investment. To put it seriously, API technologies were chosen to make the development speedy, the product stable, and provide vast opportunities for end user.

What are the specificities of the your API?
The main specificity is that we work with 30+ popular shopping carts and provide unique integration service. The access to stores is performed via API connection, using API Key for user identification, and Store Key for requested store identification.

How can developers get a better taste of what your API does?
Developers can test API2Cart using our ActiveDocs. The convenient format allows to organize all the available methods and help developers easily explore API, learn to work with it in most effective way.
Also we allow to create a test store and try API method performance to see the live results. Finally, we provide detailed documentation and code samples to introduce API2Cart to the customers in the best possible way.

Any roadmap/evolution plan that you can share with us?
Our plans are usually grand. For API2Cart they consist in support of maximum number of popular shopping carts with all possible versions and the opportunity to work with all valid store entities.

MagneticOne API API2Cart powered by 3scale API Management solutionMagneticOne is a company providing innovative solutions for effective eCommerce management. It has 11 years of successful experience in the industry and has won a reputation of reliable service provider. MagneticOne projects aim to facilitate store management and help merchants perform business tasks with maximum efficiency.