Kii cloud app challenge

As a developer, getting the most out of your infrastructure is close to your heart and Kii’s APIs are one of the comprehensive out there for Mobile Application Development (check out their platform here) – and some 3scale technology under the covers makes it even more awesome.

Kii also has a unique long term on it’s ecosystem and includes a VC fund to enable fledgling apps build and scale to reach large numbers of customers. However, rather than fighting through pitches there’s now an even more direct way to get support for your app which is to enter the new ChallengePost powered

Kii Cloud Challenge

The prizes total $50,000 in cash, travel and credits in various categories. There are 3 months to complete and launch your app, so plenty of time to do something awesome.

While hackathons with prizes are becoming more commonplace, it’s great to see one which takes a long term view – something with a longer time horizon to build a great app and a prize structure to help the app take off and succeed!

If you’re promoting your API, also check out challengepost as a great way to run contests.