Having worked in the API space for a long time, we’re used to APIs popping up in new places – and cloud computing has long been an obvious driver for API adoption. Still, the signs are clearer than ever as at Cloudbeat in San Francisco this week there were three main sessions on APIs and a myriad of mentions in others. The sessions all have nice writeups on Venture Beat – check them out:

  • The API Economy: Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid, Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO, Twilio, Sam Schillace, SVP of Engineering, Box, Juan Benitez, CTO & SVP of Product, Braintree. Moderator: Byron Deeter, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
  • APIs – The Key that Unlocks the Cloud Panel: John Wolpert, Leader of API Marketplace Enablement, IBM, John Musser, Founder, ProgrammableWeb, Steven Willmott, CEO, 3scale, Laura Merling, VP Ecosystems and Solutions, AT&T. Moderator:
    Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO, Cloudability
  • The Great Cloud API Debate: Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalytpus Systems, Randy Bias, CEO, Cloudscaling, Alex Freedland, Co-founder and Chairman, Mirantis, Ben Carpenter, Rafter. Moderator: Paul Miller, Analyst & Consultant, Cloud of Data.

On the panel we were involved in we also touched on topics for the real drivers for API adoption in the cloud, which have gradually shifted in the last few years. Initially motivations started as:

  • APIs providing the means for customers of SAAS/PAAS/IAAS companies to get data in an out of platforms (for security, backeup and reuse).
  • The ability for others to build add-ons and extensions to the platform.
  • An Upsell driver to both increase customer stickiness, but also take them to a higher level of service.

Lately however, there is at least one more driver for SAAS API deployment:

As these composition and integration tools proliferate, having an API is even more clearly a key requirement as table stakes to be part of the infrastructure layers customers construct for themselves.

In any case – props to venture beat for having APIs front and center in the cloud debate!