Today is an exciting day at 3scale with two new awesome people joining the team!

The first is Kirsten Jones who’s joining as a developer evangelist (general API Ninja in residence) and helping us help people do more things with APIs. She’s a great engineer, speaker and writer and generally awesome person! You might know here from her talks at OSCON or posts like this one: REST Web services demystified.

Kirsten was previously at Netflix and LinkedIn, as a developer evangelist in both cases and then at Cisco in the engineering team helping to support 1000’s of Cisco engineers be productive. So we’re looking forward to having her on the team! You can follow her on Twitter and find her personal blog at Princess Polymath.

The second person to join today is Kristine Hines who’ll be joining Kirsten in the Developer Evangelist team to help people succeed with their APIs, build apps and work on our systems. Great to have Kristine on board. You can find Kristine on twitter here.

If you want to catch up with us – swing by our offices at 450 Townsend Street in San Francisco. If you’re looking to join the team, we’re always looking for awesome people: 3scale jobs.

Image credit to: Andrea Anastasakis.