APIs have been growing in important steadily over the last few years but growth this year has exceeded even our high expectations and it is truly becoming the case that Anyone and Anything looks set to become “API Enabled” as Craig Burton would say. There are now huge opportunities for organizations deploying APIs and a fundamental shift in the way the online world works occurring.

In the eBook we’re launching today we try humbly to capture some of these opportunities and changes we see in the form of a guide as to how to succeed. There’s no doubt the API Economy field is a work in progress but hopefully a few ideas will resonate. We’re excited to share the book for free as a download and a kindle version will be available soon.



“Winning in the API Economy” – Using Software and APIs to Transform your Business, Drive Revenues, Broaden Distribution and Unleash Innovation

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Download the eBook.


The book is licensed under creative commons so people can remix and remake. Also check out our new website area on the API Economy and a list of terms and definitions.

Lastly the API Strategy and Practice Conference starts today in San Francisco: if you can’t attend, all the keynotes will be live streamed right here!