961b25ec4ee511e391e312f04e0fef50_8Last weekend we had a blast at the Future of Food Hackaton. It was great to see that many people with such different backgrounds (tech, nutrition, restauration, design) working together in some really cool ideas on how to become more conscious of what you eat, improve your healthy eating habits, save time on doing your grocery shopping, or make it easier to choose where to eat, amongst many others!

Projects and Winners
There were a total of 20 projects which were built over the weekend, and there were all sorts of types of projects. We liked ‘Team Cook‘ and app that helps you cook hands free, ‘Good World Chef‘, which goal is to make it easier to cook healthier and sustainable meals for your family with a really nice and simple interface, and ‘ThoughtFull‘, a tool to allow people to subscribe to the food products and services that you like, just to mention some of them.

The winner was ‘FoodForest‘, a really cool project to form local communities and contribute resources in growing and sharing food. It was both an ambitious and genuine project, apart from the fact the they also had a working prototype. The second prize went for ‘Foodtrk‘, a Mobile Point of Service built for food trucks.

Best use of a 3scale powered API

A few teams used 3scale powered APIs- Edamam, Nutritionix, Yummly, Wine.com– for their projects, as for instance ‘Joyful12‘, a website to help families to eat more fruits and veggies powered by Yummly, or ‘Grellin‘, an app to direct Californians to the healthiest restaurants based on a algorithm where they can score the restaurants based on a set scale, powered by Nutritionix.

Our prize went for ‘Mappetite’, an app which let you choose your specific dietary needs and then showed you meals you can buy at restaurants near you, displaying the results in a map. Well done  Louis and Patrick, and congratulations for winning the Spotters (multi purpose sensors by Quirky). Keep hacking!

Good vibes, great people, great party
foodhackathonAnd last but not least, kudos to the organizers and thank you for having 3scale as a sponsor, we would’ve have liked to miss the party.The highlight of the night was Airbnb Chef’s Sam Lippman performance, who not only gave a hilarious presentation but also ended up singing a rap song. Alex Wilhelm  wrote a blog post and also recorded this video: