Bring a crowd of developers, designers, and business guys, put them on a bus for 3 days and what do you get? Amazing startup projects and a great human experience, of course!

That’s the basic concept behind StartupBus, who is launching its fifth North America edition next March after four in Europe and a successful first one in Africa earlier this year. This startup competition is nothing like what you have experienced before.

There will be 6 buses this year, all converging to Texas for SXSW, the biggest startup festival in the world. When all you friends/client/coworkers will be flying there, you will have the chance to live something unique and be part of an amazing community. You can be a buspreneur and build a startup on the road with other great talents onboard!

I was on the StartupBus Silicon Valley in 2011, and it’s something I will never forget.We worked on Cerealize, a website to order customized cereal packages on a subscription basis. It was intense work like I never seen before. All the steps of a growing startup in 3 days. FFrom coding, to hustling, to making it real. When we arrived in Austin, a printer, cardboard boxes, stickers and cereals where waiting for us. We handed hundred of boxes all around SXSW. We got mentioned in TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, USA Today, Mashable and many other media like we were venture-backed company, but we were only three days old. I learned a lot from a technical point of view, but what was most important is that I made good friends and we lived the experience 200%.

Nowhere else than on the StartupBus you could push yourself so far !

I am proud to announce that 3scale is sponsoring the 5th StartupBus America! At 3scale, we like to empower people through APIs but, moreover, we like great stories, and StartupBus is definitively the adventure to write new stories

Two of 3scale evangelists, Kristine and myself, will be on the New York City and the SF bus.

3scale and the StartupBus have a lot of stuff prepared for you !

It may remind you of your final week in College, applications are open, spend some time on it, it’s worth it.
Reach us if you have any questions :)


Cerealize adventure

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